How Do I Update Fulfillment Suppliers?

If a supplier is no longer selling a particular product, you can use the Update Fulfillment supplier function to switch suppliers and continue selling the product.  Sometimes a supplier has simply changed the options they offer and you want to "refresh" the current options offered.  This feature can also be used in the event you did not import a product using "include variations" and you want to start selling the product will all available options.  Follow the steps below to switch or update supplier info.

1. Go to My Stores > Products and locate the product you would like to update suppliers for.  You can use the search to locate it by name and then click Update Fulfillment Source 

2. Locate a similar product on Aliexpress to the one you are trying to switch suppliers for.  you can either use Sell The Trend to locate similar products or search directly on Aliexpress.   Once you locate a product, copy the URL exactly as you see it in your browser address bar.  Enter this info into the "Update Aliexpress Supplier" dialog.

3. Once the new supplier information loads up, enter the product pricing (what you want to sell the product for) or you can choose to click on "Use Pricing Rules" so that each variation will get priced based on the variation price multiplied by the price multipliers entered into the Settings (Automation) area.

4. If the product you are trying to update does not have any pending orders, then you are done!  If on the other hand the current product you are trying to switch suppliers for is in one or more pending orders, then you will need to match variations between the original product and the product from the new supplier. 

For every variation on the left make sure to match an appropriate variation on the right from the new supplier.  as you can see in the example below, we located a supplier selling similar variations of this product so that we can match the same type of iPhone cases between the two suppliers.  Click Update Supplier and you are done!  You would now be able to fulfill any pending orders with this new supplier.

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