Whether you're starting you first store or launching you're 10th, our coaches will craft customized marketing strategies to rapidly grow your business and increase ROI.

Type of Dropshipping Stores

Learning the differences/benefits amongst general, general niche, niche, and one product stores

Website Optimization/Audit

Reviewing home page, landing/product page, funnel, apps to ensure it is set-up for success

Themes to Utilize

Covering the various types of themes, and ones suitable for your store to maximize conversions

Shopify Apps to Utilize

Which apps to utilize and how to configure them if needed

Pricing Strategy & Structure

Best way to price products for margins, product value, etc.

Social Media Optimization & Tips

Social media page practices, the importance of it, and how to grow organically.

Organic Traffic Strategies & Tips

Low budget? How to implement organic practices to drive quality traffic to your store

Product Research and Validation Strategies

Learning the ins & outs of product research/validation, and what to look for on Sell The Trend

Copywriting Essentials

How to develop the best product description, and ad copy

Instagram Influencer Marketing

How to properly utilize influencer marketing including outreach, negotiating & shoutout structures

Facebook Ads

Pixel help, testing/launching strategies, scaling strategies, back-end help & reading KPI’s

Supplier/Sourcing Tips

Everything about suppliers, sourcing, and negotiating product cost + shipping cost

Current & Past Students

I must whole heartily say that Sell The Trend truly is equipped with all of the necessary tools for dropshipping. Two of the categories I utilize the most on the platform is ‘The NEXUS’ and the ‘Audience Builder.’ The detailed filtering is what actually led me to find my first six-figure product in Spring of 2020 in the home improvement space. I must say this is like no other tool on the market in terms of detail and reliability.

Early on after finding the product, I got connected with the 1-on-1 Coaching Program and by far it is one of the most ROI positive investments I’ve made on the educational side. From validating the product I chose on Sell The Trend, to guiding me to build a well optimized site, proper social media pages, and setting up Facebook ads, They really held my hand through it all. He helped me understand every component that goes into this business model and why it is so important. I can say there are a numerous number of things I learned that I didn’t even know of, through the coaching program. I’m keeping this ball rolling as we’ve steadily crossed the six figure mark in revenue in under 60 days; thank you Sell The Trend! Cheers!


Kimmy C.


I want to personally give a huge shoutout to Sell The Trend and the entire team. I’ve used at least 4 to 5 tools out there, but nothing compares to Sell The Trend. check it out was one of the best decisions I made. I love the intricacy of the tool and what the provides in general. Furthermore, I appreciate the fact that one can connect his/her store and directly import a product they want to. Using the tool has became second nature to me overtime.

Last but not least, I’m going to say that Yash (from the 1-on-1 coaching team) is one of the most genuine person in the E-Commerce space. The space is very cut throat and full of “wannabe gurus.” Yash is an open book and literally delivers everything he knows to you. I’ve gotten on multiple 1-on-1 Calls with him now month after month and he’s always guided me down the right path and made sure my store is set up for success. The importance and focus he gives on each topic is unreal. Mad respect to him and what he is able to offer in this space.


Kambrin F.


Huge thank you to Sell The Trend and what it has to offer. User interface is super smooth and everything is easy to navigate I must say. There is absolutely nothing to complain about the platform and it is far better and affordable than other platforms. The ‘1-Click Push To Store feature’ by far has to be what I use the most on the platform other than ‘The NEXUS’. The NEXUS is absolutely a gold mine if you utilize it properly.

To add on, I was introduced to Yash after he was featured on one of Sell The Trend’s article. I was truly inspired by his story and his experience in E-Commerce. I decided to jump on the 1-on-1 coaching program and I literally started seeing sales the first few hours of launching a brand new product on a new ad account. I can see why it is so important to have the right product; product is key (thank you to Sell The Trend). More than that, it is equally as important to have all of the moving parts (landing page, funnel, offer, ad copy, etc.) in place. Yash’s calls expedited my process since he really takes it step by step and shows concrete examples. He even has showed me his personal ads and stores... how dope is that! It’s totally up to you how you want to play in this game... Do it the right way like I did. I’ll be quitting my full time job in Fall of 2020.


Siham N.



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Exclusive Coaching Full Steam Ahead (No holds barred!)
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no refunds on any services rendered since we are trading our time for money. For this reason this coaching service is non-refundable.

You can ideally have any device (i.e: mobile, tablet, laptop, PC). A laptop or PC is preferred to get the most out of the calls, since you will be able to properly screen share AND screen record.

It is recommended to have a working microphone on your device, and good Internet connection to prevent network interruptions. Camera is optional. Furthermore, come prepared with what you would like to discuss, alongside with any specific questions. It is recommended you record the call (Zoom allows this) to reference it after, and to also take notes down however you'd like.

Absolutely not. Individuals of all levels are welcomed to schedule a call and discuss whichever areas they need further guidance/advice in.

You can utilize the three calls (30 Minutes Or 1 Hour) whenever you want within the 30 days. After the first call, you can discuss with your coach when you would like to set up the next two calls based on your schedule and pace.

You can essentially discuss whichever topic(s) you would like to and need the most direction in. The topics listed above in the "MENTORING OPTIONS" section are all common topics open for discussion.

We are here to serve. You can feel free to join his our Facebook Group and post on there. The group is very active and either your coach or one of the moderators will help you out.

You don't necessarily have to use it a certain way as you go at your own pace; depending on what stage you are within your business. However, they do have to be utilized in 60 days so it gives you ample time to apply everything. You will be in communication with your coach to schedule calls as needed.

Absolutely, you will have access to your coach via Facebook Messenger 24/7 where you can stay in sync with them. You can send you coach messages, voice messages, videos, pictures, etc. and essentially run anything by your coach when offline. This truly an unparalleled access to your own Ecommerce Coach.